‘Achieve Our Desired Goals’

‘Achieve Our Desired Goals’

Writing down our desired goals and life ambitions is a declaration of our intentions and creates clarity and focus in our minds. Discovering our ‘why’, and what drives us, inspires strength, motivation and determination when things seem hard and overwhelming. Acknowledging and letting go of any contradictory beliefs or negative thoughts around these goals means we can take action in alignment with what we say we want and create manageable and actionable steps towards making our dreams our reality.

You can do this straight after the Imagination and Visualisation practice or take a few minutes to meditate, go for a walk or do some breathing exercises to help quieten and calm your mind. Find a quiet place and create a clear vision of what your dream life looks like to you right now. You might like to imagine and visualise each area of your life separately in more depth so that you can be more specific and focused on what you want to achieve.


Write down in your Goddess Guide or personal journal


What is my desired goal or outcome?

Write down 2-3 goals for each of the different areas of your life so that you can create a greater sense of balance and fulfilment.

Example of different areas of life; personal development, spiritual growth, love and relationships, Life purpose and contribution, business and financial growth and so on.

Soul Focus journaling inspiration for ‘Achieve our Desired Goals’

Do this for each one of your goals or desired outcomes...


  • Why is this goal important to me?

Your ‘why’ is what drives you, so make your ‘why’ a non-negotiable standard in your life to help motivate you and give you strength when things seem hard or overwhelming.

  • When do I want to achieve this by?

I personally don’t like to set deadlines as I think this sets you up for failure... but declaring a time scale for when you want to achieve your goal gives you something to aim towards and track.

  • What fears or reservations do I need to let go of?

Ask yourself what fears or reservations are blocking you from making this desired goal or outcome your reality. Maybe it’s a belief or a thought pattern or maybe it’s an action or behaviour. Acknowledge it and set the intention to release it. You might like to create a positive mantra or affirmation around this that you can repeat daily.

  • How can I make my desired goal or outcome my reality, and what steps will I take?

Create actionable and manageable steps that will get you closer to the life of your dreams. These don’t have to be mountainous; they can be as large or small as you want. Remember that this is an ongoing journey, and you want to create a path that you stay on.

  • What else is coming up and through me right now?
Ask your higher self what else you need to know, let go of or think about right now that will help you. This doesn’t have to be related to the other journaling inspiration above in anyway. This is your space for free flow and creativity.
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