Collection: Goddess Guide

  • Do you want to be the conscious and joyful creator of your reality?
    Do you want to design, plan, schedule, and create your life with intention and ease?
    Are you looking for an easy step-by-step guide that will lead the way?

    The Goddess Guide is available in three coloured Editions, the Aquamarine, Ruby, and Jasper. Each one represents a precious gemstone, holding a different vibration and healing energy that’s also connected to the chakras within the body.

    Customer Review
    “The Goddess Guide helped me to create a fuller, more rewarding, and beautiful life in the simplest and most transformative ways. I would highly recommend this incredibly beautiful, feminine and spiritual planner to every woman on the planet” Love Nikki x

  • Why Choose Soul Focus?

    • My guides and planners are created using the powerful tools and ancient techniques that I practiced in transforming my own life. They are a collaboration of the years of research that I invested and immersed myself in, to find the answers needed to live a purposeful, meaningful, and happy life. I am now incredibly grateful to be able to share this with you.
    • I believe everything is connected and everything is energy and the energy we give out is the energy that we receive back. This is why all my products are made with love and passion using Vegan Leather material, FSC regulated paper and vegetable-based inks here in the UK.
    • 10% off all profits are donated to the Refuge Charity, helping women and children living with domestic violence, giving them the guidance and support needed to live a life free from fear.
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