Empowering Beliefs and Behaviours

Empowering Beliefs and Behaviours

Acknowledging our negative thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours that are no longer serving us gives us the power to release and change them, making space for healing and positive change. Creating strong empowering beliefs and behaviours, setting high standards and healthy boundaries in our lives raises our energetic vibration and reaffirms to our subconscious mind what is acceptable for us on a deeper soul level.

Empowering daily rituals create an even stronger sense of self-worth, self-confidence and self-belief. Using our daily Ritual Tracker in our Goddess Guide to practice a good morning and evening routine keeps us consistent and grounded so we can reap the benefits throughout the day.

Many of our thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours are learnt in our younger years, from our parents, families, friends, teachers and the environment that we grow up in.

Most of us have negative beliefs and or behaviours that are not beneficial to our mind, body or our soul.

Maybe you eat lots of fast processed foods or drink too much alcohol. Maybe you dislike or judge different areas of your body. Maybe you think you’re not clever enough or deserving enough. Maybe you tell yourself that you have no time to work out, practice yoga, go for a walk or prepare healthy meals.

But somehow you are finding the time to scroll through social media or watch Netflix or do other chores around the house that could most possibly wait.

These are just a few typical examples of things we tell ourselves or do on a daily basis.

It doesn’t matter what is true because with repetition whatever you believe will become true!

This is where you reprogram your subconscious mind and set new empowering, inspiring beliefs and create positive and transformative behaviours.

Your mind and body are a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs and daily rituals.

In your Goddess Guide or personal journal, write down any negative beliefs or behaviours that are no longer serving you for each area of your life. I recommend taking a few minutes to really sit with this and ask your higher self what you have been accepting as true that you are now ready to let go of. What behaviours do you know are contradicting and detrimental to the women that you are becoming and the life that you are creating?


Examples of different areas of life

*Personal development & spiritual growth *Love & Relationships *Life, purpose & contribution, Business & Financial growth etc.


Now write down in your Goddess Guide or Personal Journal your new empowering beliefs and behaviours that you are going to commit to from this moment on. Even if they don’t seem believable to you right now, this is totally normal and will change with consistency and repetition.

You can write yourself a list of affirmations, short statements to reaffirm your new beliefs to yourself. Read these out loud every morning and evening before bed. I like to do mine in the mirror so I can really look into my own eyes and into my soul. If I feel short of time some days, then I say them out loud in the car after dropping my little girl of at school or on the way to pick her up.

Examples of affirmations

*I am worthy *I am enough *I am intelligent *I am beautiful *I am a true goddess *I am loving *I am kind * I deserve happiness * I am loved *I believe in myself *I am strong *I am powerful *I have infinite amounts of time *I have infinite amounts of energy * I am the creator of my own destiny


Journalling inspiration for Empowering beliefs and behaviours

  • What negative believes or behaviours have I learnt from my childhood that I know not to be true for me anymore? (Write down anything that is coming up for you. There is no blame or shame here. This is a safe place, free of criticism and judgement. We are all doing the best we can with what we have, with where we are at). 
  • What negative or sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and or behaviours am I repeating that I know are not good for me or are in alignment with the life that I want to create? (Write down anything that you know you do on a regular basis that is not good for your mind, body or soul. Self-awareness and acknowledgement are the first step towards creating positive change).

  • What excuses am I making or telling myself? (Write down any excuses or thoughts that you are telling yourself that are holding you back. For example, I don’t have enough time, I’m too busy, I am too old, I am too young, I can’t afford it, I don’t deserve it. Whatever we prioritise in our life we will make time for. If something is important enough to us, we will make it happen)

  • How does the version of me that has infinite amounts of time, energy and money live? (Be honest with yourself and take a moment to really visualise your dream life if you could live it anyway your desired with no limitations or restrictions)

  • What empowering and positive beliefs does this version of myself have? (How does this version of you think, ask yourself what you know and believe to be true)

  • What empowering and positive behaviours and actions does this version of myself take? (Visualise and write down what you would be doing on an average day)

  • What and who would I prioritise in my life? What and who would be most important to me in my life? (Write down anything that is coming up and through for you. Are there people in your life that maybe you haven’t made much time for? Are there things that have been important to you in the past that you have now sacrificed? Remember there is no right or wrong here and that this space is free of judgement and filled with love)

  • What new thoughts, beliefs and actions will I commit to right now? (From your journalling, write down what you will and what you can commit to that will create positive change in your life)

  • What else is coming up and through me that I need to know or release right now? (This is your safe space to write freely, openly and honestly about anything that you feel drawn too)

Use your Daily Ritual Tracker in your Goddess Guide to keep track and hold yourself accountable. The Goddess Guide is a beautiful guide that leads us down a pathway of self-discovery and self-awareness to awaken our inner Goddess. Guiding us on our own unique and personal journey to a place where our dreams can become our reality.

As we follow these simple yet effective steps towards our desired goals and outcomes, we open up a world of empowering belief and infinite possibility.

To start your journey to become the best version of you, find your beautiful planner, the Goddess Guide here.

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