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Focus and Intention

Bringing focus and awareness into our daily lives inspires us to take action in alignment with our inner Goddess and the life that we want to create. Using our Weekly Planner to schedule time and space with intention and purpose keeps us on track and focused on our goals, de- cluttering and freeing our minds.

Many of us go through our days purely reacting to whatever life throws our way, automatically focusing on the negative and all the things in our life that we don’t want! Which ultimately drains our energy like a bucket with a hole in it and only attracts more to feel negative about.

When we focus on the positive, and what we are grateful for in our life right now as well as what we want to create in our future, we raise our energetic and emotional vibration, increase our powers of manifestation and enter that place where our dreams can become our reality.

Actively scheduling our days, weeks and months ahead helps to make time for what’s really important to us on a soul level, including time for ourselves and with those we love. If we want to live a healthy, wealthy and happy life then we must make it our priority and not a luxury that we can not afford!

“Our energy flows where our focus goes”

Journalling Inspiration for Focus and Intention

  • What is my Soul Focus for today and why is it important to me?

  • What are my top priorities for today?

  • What positive steps am I going to take towards my goals and desired outcomes?

  • What acts of self-love and self-care will I make time for this week?

  • What am I grateful for today?

  • What acts of kindness and contribution will I make this week?

  • What or who do I need to let go of to create more time, freedom and space in my life and in my mind?

  • What creative ideas are coming through me today?

  • What else do I want to make time for and give more attention to in my life?

  • What else is coming up and through me right now that I want to journal about today?


By using our Goddess Guide Life Planner of Daily Goddess Guide, we can bring focus and awareness to our daily life so that we can achieve our desired goals and outcomes with intention and ease.
To start your journey to become the best version of you, find your beautiful planner, the Goddess Guide here.
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