Imagination and Visualisation

Imagination and Visualisation

The best way to live our lives is to achieve whatever we want and to become to become whoever we want to be! Visualisation and journaling are powerful techniques for manifesting and declaring our desires to the universe. Writing down what we have envisioned with feeling and emotion in our Goddess Guide or personal journal creates self-belief, empowerment and possibility.

Imagination and visualisation keeps us focused on our desired outcomes and reminds us of what we are truly capable of.

I like to find a quiet place and meditate for a few minutes or practice some breathing techniques to open my heart and let my subconscious mind run wild and free... this is your safe space and where your dreams become your reality.

Ask yourself, your higher self...

If I could live my life anyway I desired with no limitations, what would my dream life look like?

Write down in your Goddess Guide or personal journal what you envisioned for yourself.

Soul Focus journaling inspiration for Imagination and Visualisation

(Don’t hold back, you are there now, it's happening now!)

  • If I could live my life anyway I desired with no limitations, what would my dream life look like?
  • What would I be doing right now?
  • How would I feel?
  • Where would I be and who would I be with?
  • What would I look like? what would I be wearing?
  • What can I see? what can smell? what can I hear?
  • What fears or resistance do I need to let go of to make this my reality?
  • What else is coming up and through me right now?

Use all your off your senses. sight, sound and smell. The more feel and the more real you make it, the clearer your vison will become.

Don’t worry if your mind wonders or if your visualisation isn’t very clear to start with. This is a practice and the more you do it, the more focused and powerful it will be.

Remember that this is your unique and personal journey, so enjoy it and have fun with it. There is no right or wrong.

See if you can add this to your daily rituals in your Goddess Guide. Spend 3-5 minutes in the morning doing this practice and you will be amazed at how your energetic vibration rises and how good your feel. Taking this high vibe energy into the rest of your day.

To start your journey to become the best version of you, find your beautiful planner, the Goddess Guide here.

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