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Journalling to Free the Mind

Journalling is a spiritual process and an extension of our soul. Journalling about our thoughts, feelings and emotions helps create space and peace in our minds. It is also a powerful way to surface and release any negative thoughts, fears or concerns that we may be holding onto. Journalling about our dreams and our goals helps to manifest them into our reality in the physical world. Keeping our words positive and letting our creativity flow freely inspires infinite possibilities. You can find journalling inspiration on the Soul Focus website 

Journalling Inspiration for ‘Journalling to Free the Mind’

"Without darkness, there is no light"

  • What negative thoughts, feelings, fears or concerns am I holding on to right now? Acknowedge and accept them without fear or judgement. 
  • Which of these thoughts, feelings, fears or concerns do I feel are justified and which ones are not?
  • Which thoughts, feelings, fears or concerns will I release and let go of in this moment? And how does releasing them make me feel?
  • What positive steps or actions can I take towards my thoughts, feelings, fears or concerns? If I was to act from a place of love and not fear.
  • What in my life makes me happy and good right now and why?
  • If I could feel any way I wanted too, how would I choose to feel?
  • What steps can I take, what things can I do, that will help me to feel this way?
  • What else is coming up and through me right now?

I create my own reality…. through my thoughts, my beliefs, and my actions!

Create the life you desire and the life you deserve with the beautiful Goddess Guide.

The Goddess Guide leads us down a pathway of self-discovery and self-awareness to awaken our inner Goddess. Guiding us on our own unique and personal journey to a place where our dreams can become our reality.

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