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Manifestation Ritual

5 Simple Steps...

To manifest anything in life, you must become an energetic match with it. Your life is simply a reflection of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They act like a magnetic force pulling your life experiences, materialistic things as well as people towards you...better known as the 'Law of Attraction' or 'Universal Law'

The best way to manifest more of what you want in our life, is to focus on manifesting from your heart and from your soul, and not from the egotistic mind or from a place of lack or desperation.

These are also the first steps of the Goddess Guide Journey. ‘Self-Awareness and Discovery’ helping you to reconnect to what you truly desire on a soul level.  ‘Imagination and Visualisation’ are both powerful techniques for manifesting and declaring your desires to the universe.

This simple Manifestation Ritual is a beautiful way to lift your spirit and raise your energetic vibration. I also like to incorporate this ritual in with a New Moon, so I can absorb the moons energy and its enhanced manifestation powers.

Manifestation Ritual

1) Create your sacred space

Take some time to create a sacred and quiet space for this fun ritual. you can go outside in nature if you prefer.

You could also use any of the following to help set the mood and help you to relax and settle into your surroundings…

*Pour a glass of wine *cup of herbal tea *light a candle *burn some incense *clear and cleanse any negativity with white sage *play some meditation music *a warm cosy blanket *a soft cushion / meditation cushion *crystals *sentimental jewellery.

2) Imagination and Visualisation

Sit in a comfortable position either crossed legged on your cushion or upright in a chair with your feet firmly grounded on the floor.

Ask yourself…

“What does my ideal dream life look like to me in the next 3 to 6 months?”

“What is it that my heart and soul truly desire?”

“Who am I becoming?”

“How would achieving this make me feel?”

The reason we only look 3-6 months into the future is because we want it to be believable and possible to our subconscious mind. If we look too far into the future, this can just feel overwhelming and unrealistic and have the opposite effect to what we are trying to achieve.

Close your eyes and take a minimum of 5 – 10 minutes to meditate on these questions until you have a clear vision in your mind and can feel your emotional vibration rising.

3) Journalling

Journalling is a spiritual process and an expansion of the soul. Write down exactly what you envisioned either in your Goddess Guide or in your personal journal with feeling and emotion and in present time…as if it’s actually happening right now. It’s the feeling that you get that raises your energetic vibration and increases your powers of manifestation.

Try not to focus on the when or the how, just on the end result and how it will make you feel.

4) Focus and intention

Bringing focus and intention into your daily life inspires you to take action in alignment with your inner goddess and with your deepest desires.

Read what you have written out loud to yourself every morning for 30 days. Staying focused on your outcomes and the way they make you feel.

Let go of the how and the need to make it happen. Instead, you need to embody the energetic frequency of the person that has already manifested what you want.

Start thinking, believing, and behaving like the person you have envisioned and journaled about, closing the gap between the person that you are and the person that you are becoming.

“What we think we become
What we feel we attract
What we imagine we create”.

5) Reflect and Celebrate

Write down anything you feel grateful or proud of daily. As we attract more of what we feel. It also a beautiful reminder to be happy with what you have received and what you have achieved in your life, whilst still working towards what you want.

This powerful ritual helps to create a deeper self-awareness so you can become more aligned with your true self and more in control of your thoughts feelings and emotions that might be blocking you from the life you deserve and the life that you desire.

If you have had any positive experiences with this manifesting ritual or any others, please share your experiences in the comments below as I would love to hear about them.
Love Mel x
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