The front cover of the Goddess Guide Life Planner. Showing the Triquetra symbol, the triple goddess symbol, the moon cycle symbolising feminine energy and life circles.

The meaning behind the Goddess Guide cover…

Every tiny detail of the beautiful Goddess Guide has been designed with purpose and meaning to connect and align your mind, body and soul.

I wanted to create something so beautiful and powerful that you instantly felt like a Goddess from the moment you set eyes on it.

The ‘Triquetra’ symbol

In each of the four corners you will see the ‘Triquetra’ symbol which is known as the triple Goddess symbol signifying strong, powerful feminine energies and representing Abundance, Protection, Manifestation and Enlightenment.

The Triquetra symbol also represents eternal love as its without any edges and has no beginning or end.

The Triple Goddess is the three stages of a woman's life. Maiden, Mother and Crone as I will go on to explain more about below.

The Moon Cycle

The Moon Cycle which is shown across the top of the cover also represents powerful feminine energy as well as the cycles and rhythms of life.

The Waxing Moon signifies the Maiden which represents youth, possibility, creativity, and new beginnings.

The Full Moon signifies the Mother and represents fertility, sexuality, manifestation and fruitfulness.

The Waning Moon corresponds with the Crone aspect of the Devine Feminine and represents wisdom, reflection and letting go.

It is important that we honour all stages of the Goddess and learn to work with them and not against them.

The Third Eye

The Third Eye is the Soul Focus logo and is placed right in the centre of the guide’s cover as this represents the gateway to your soul. The eye is wide open associated with clarity, vision, intuition and increased focus and awareness…connecting you to your inner knowledge and true purpose.

The Third Eye channels universal energy and a level of higher consciousness shown by the stars and moon inside the eye as a reminder that we all have access to this powerful energy that lies within us.

The Triple Gold Circle of Protection

The triple gold circle around the eye shows protection and reminds us that our journey is never ending as our soul and spirit are eternal.

Internal Pages

The powerful Goddess Guide is filled with positive affirmations and inspirational quotes to raise your emotional vibration and enrich your soul.

The cover is made from a soft luxurious vegan leather to ensure its cruelty free and promotes love and kindness. The design is beautifully gold foiled to give a feeling of abundance and prosperity throughout your life and your journey.

Your Goddess Guide is a part of you, an expansion of you and will hold all your dreams, thoughts, feelings and emotions inside of its sacred and magical pages.

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