What part are you missing?

What part are you missing?

What part of the 'Manifestation Process' are you missing?

Is there one key element, piece of the puzzle, that you are forgetting to put into place, that's stopping or blocking you in your manifestation journey?

If you are not living the life that you want, something is interrupting your frequency and disconnecting you from the source of “Manifestation”.


Just take a moment to really let that sink in to your very essence before reading on ✨✨✨ 

You already know the powerful steps of the ‘Goddess Guide Journey’ that are proven to change your life but let’s refresh them in our minds anyway…

Self Awareness and Discovery

Accepting where, and who you are right now without judgement.

Imagination and Visualisation

Becoming clear on your dream life and who you are becoming.

Achieving our Desired Goals

Writing down what it is you want to create in all areas of our life and why it’s so freaking important to you.

Empowering Beliefs and Behaviours

Acknowledging and letting go of your old stories, thoughts pattens and beliefs systems that are not in alignment with the life you are creating. And writing new empowering ones.

Focus and Intention

Taking action in alignment with the life that you are creating and with your new beliefs.

 ✨ Empowering Daily Rituals

Your life is a reflection of your daily habits and rituals. Taking care of yourself and your own needs so that you have an abundance of time and energy to share.

 ✨ Journalling to Free the Mind

Using powerful and spiritual techniques like journaling your thoughts and feelings to let go of any fears or concerns you might be holding.

 ✨ Reflect and Celebrate Life 🙌💃🏼

Reflect on and celebrate your journey so…feel gratitude for all that you have achieved and received, whilst continuing on your path of self awareness and discovery.

It is not the end outcome, or the destination that will fulfil you and bring you happiness….it’s the, joy, happiness, passion, connections and love that you find along the way.

Let go of the how and when it will happen…. realease all need for this desired outcome, or material thing in your life to make you happy. Just trust and know that what is meant for you, will find you.

Focus on becoming the Women, the Goddess that already lives this life and lives this as her reality.

How does she feel? how does she act? How does she walk? Talk? Treat others? Show up in life? You can use your ‘Goddess Guide’ to journal on this if you would like, as its a very powerful manifesting technique too.

It’s very easy to say, "well I’m not there yet" or "I don’t have these things in my life so how can I do this?"….but the work is always internal job and not an external one. You will see the fruits of your actions, the manifestation's in your reality once you have created it on a deeper soul level.

Small continuous aligned actions and commitment to the process will soon compound, creating huge shifts in your life, magical manifestations to appear, that once may have seemed a hopeless dream, impossible or unfathomable to you.

“You can change your life with in one decision”.

Key elements to takeaway…


Become clear on your vision,

Trust and follow this simple process,

Show up and do the work,

Make it fun and enjoy the journey, as much as…or even more than the desired outcome itself.

I hope this help's you to identify the area or part of the process that you have been missing or not giving your time and attention too.

If your feeling stuck, sad, overwhelmed or lost right now…. trust me and the universe when I say, this will change your life and your reality. I can say this from my heart and from my soul because this is the exact process that I used to transform and change my own life. If you would like to know more about my story, please see ‘My Story’.

“You are a Powerful being and Co Creator of your life”.

I also believe that these transformational teachings and techniques should be accessible and available to everyone…

So if you know someone that is struggling or might need to hear this right now! … tag them, share this with them. You were not born to suffer or live a life that doesn’t fulfil you. But the choice is yours to make.

Create the life you desire and the life you deserve… and then help others to do the same.

Wishing you all the love, laughter, success, and happiness that the Universe has to offer. 

Love Mel x

Creator and Founder of Soul Focus and the Goddess Guide

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