My Story: Why I started Soul Focus

My Story: Why I started Soul Focus

I have always been fascinated by the powers of the mind and the unseen energies and vibrations of the universe. But I never really delved into their full power and potential until I felt I had hit ‘rock bottom’.

So many of us have become disconnected from our ‘Soul’ from our ‘True Self’ that we barely survive each day let alone thrive and live our lives to the fullest. And this was most certainly true for me.

I struggled for many years in an unhealthy and abusive relationship, I was diagnosed with postnatal depression, PMDD and many other health conditions. I was juggling a full-time job, looking after my young daughter and simply feeling totally overwhelmed, exhausted and drained (like so many of us do on a daily basis) to say I was desperate to change my life, my mindset and my future for both myself and my daughter would have been a total understatement!

I knew deep down that there was so much more to life than what I was experiencing in that moment. I knew that it was my choices, my decisions and my actions that had got me to where I was in my life right now, therefore I had the power to change it. I knew that for our lives to change, I had to had to change, and that’s where my real journey and transformation began.

I made the conscious decision that I was no longer willing to live that way, to settle for less than I could be, and I wanted to show my daughter what was truly possible for her too.

I immersed myself in the study of the Yoga, Feminine Energies, Law of Attraction and Manifestation, NLP (neurological programming) and life coaching skills, consuming as much knowledge and understanding in these areas as I could. Investing in different online programs, courses, seminars, books and planners. Leaving my abusive relationship, old pattens, broken beliefs, unhealthy habits and negative mindset behind me.

I completely transformed my life, I started to trust in myself and my capabilities again and found tools, techniques and daily rituals that helped me created self-awareness, self-confidence, self- believe, self-love, self-worth and in return I started to heal my body of its physical manifestations and health conditions.

I stopped thinking that I had to be perfect because believe me I’m definitely not that! But I committed to do my best and show up everyday even when it felt hard or near impossible. I practiced yoga, meditation, I changed to a completely plant based healthy diet, I exercised even if that only meant a 15 minute walk. I took time for myself and made my health and happiness a priority rather than a luxury.

I worked on letting go of the negative energy around my past, letting go of any thoughts feelings or emotions that no longer served me and Wow! Here I am writing this, creating a life that once I could only have ever dreamt of.

What we think we become,

What we feel we attract,

What we imagine we create


My purpose and intention is to inspire you to see your full potential, to help you to reconnect to your true self on a soul level and to start living from your heart with peace and happiness.

The beauty of my guides, planners and journals are that you don’t have to relate to my story or anyone else’s. You can use them in anyway you like and in the way that best suits you. They are a reflection of you, an extension of you and are a beautiful way to plan and organise your days, months and years to come.

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