Daily Goddess Guide - Aquamarine

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The Daily Goddess Guide instils a greater sense of focus and awareness into your everyday life.

As you identify your Soul Focus and why it’s important to you at the start of each day, it inspires you to act in alignment with what you want to achieve. Guiding and supporting you towards the life that you desire and the life that you deserve.

Use The Daily Goddess Guide to create positive steps towards your desired goals and outcomes as well as schedule and organise your everyday life with intention and ease.

The daily gratitude practice allows you to celebrate the present and be happy in the moment. What you feel you attract, so the more you feel and express gratitude, the more you will receive to be grateful for. This is simply the Law of Attraction.

Use the free flow and creativity space for exactly that. Write down anything that’s coming up and through you today or just simply for making notes and creating space in the mind.

The Daily Goddess Guide was designed to use alongside the Goddess Guide Life Planner but you can absolutely use as a stand-alone planner if you prefer.


The stunning Aquamarine gemstone symbolises clarity, purity, vitality, transformation and rebirth. Blue is considered calming and signifies peace, wellbeing, trust, truth, loyalty, faith and wisdom. It also represents unexplored waters and new beginnings.

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The Daily Goddess Guide consists of 40 removable sheets and is printed on FSC certified paper using vegetable-based inks. Produced with fully recyclable material.

Supporting Refuge

5% off ALL profits are donated to ‘Refuge’. A charity that supports women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse’. Please find more info here.