Rhiannon Bundle

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This Bundle includes:

  • 1 x Goddess Guide Life Planner
  • 1 x Daily Goddess Guide Planner
  • 1 x Free Morning Awakening Meditation 
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Product Details: 

Goddess Guide:

A life-changing life planner that leads you down a pathway of self-discovery and self–awareness to awaken your inner Goddess. Guiding you on your own unique and personal journey to a place where your dreams can become your reality.

As you follow these simple yet effective steps towards your desired goals and outcomes, you open up a world empowering belief and infinite possibility.

The Goddess Guide help’s you to create harmony and fulfilment in all areas of life. Use it to create the life you want and the life that you deserve. To create empowering daily rituals and habits, express your creativity, set goals, make action plans as well as schedule and organise your everyday life with intention and ease.

Every tiny detail of this beautiful guide has been designed with purpose and meaning to connect and align your mind, body and spirit.

Filled with positive affirmations and inspirational quotes to raise your emotional vibration and enrich your soul.

Daily Goddess Guide

The Daily Goddess Guide instils a greater sense of focus and awareness into your everyday life.

As you identify your Soul Focus and why it’s important to you at the start of each day, it inspires you to act in alignment with what you want to achieve. Guiding and supporting you towards the life that you desire and the life that you deserve.

Use The Daily Goddess Guide to create positive steps towards your desired goals and outcomes as well as schedule and organise your everyday life with intention and ease.

Morning Awakening Meditation

This beautiful Morning Awakening Meditation helps you to release any past experiences, past conditioning and belief systems that know longer serve you, creating space for positive energy, love and light as you awaken your Inner Goddess. This short morning meditation is less than 10 minutes long so that you can easily and effortlessly find time in your morning routine to connect your mind, body and soul at the start of each day.

( link for meditation will be sent via email once order received with lifetime access )

Supporting Refuge

5% off ALL profits are donated to ‘Refuge’. A charity that supports women and children affected by domestic violence and abuse’. Please find more info here.